Serene Santa Theresa Home Sold for $191,000 Over Asking

Our listing set the record for highest sold in the area of like properties.

Through the process of selling our home, we went through the traditional process of looking for a realtor. Of course, we were aware of the usual real estate companies with conventional realtors and conventional processes (this is what most of us are accustomed to). I decided to look outside the box at a slightly non conventional real estate company that offered different levels of service for a different percentage of commission. After interviewing realtors and feeling like I was doing all the work to get “their” business and then knowing I was going to be paying a huge commission, I decided to hold off and see what else was out there.

A few days later, I received a post card in the mail about a real estate company (VESTA Residential) offering more for less. It was very intriguing to me since I was looking for something out of the box, something non conventional, and especially something fair for both us (the sellers) and the realtor. I gave Ricky a call and scheduled a meeting. I was so interested in hearing his philosophy and how his non conventional model would work. First of all, it was such a pleasure to meet Ricky. Everything about him personally from the beginning was professional, knowledgeable, friendly, caring, sincere…I could go on!! Then as we got into the meat of his philosophy and how his non conventional real estate model came to be…I knew this was who and what I was looking for!

Based on his many years in the real estate business and his personal and professional experiences he put together his real estate model that differed from others! First of all, his flat rate commission saved us from loosing a lot of our equity. The advertising of our property was above and beyond. It included a beautiful custom high end yard sign, very professional multi page booklet, multiple social media postings along with the traditional MLS sites. The photography was spectacular and gave a true honest depiction of our home unlike all the wide angled photos out there. He also put together a beautiful video across the social media sites. The marketing as stated, was above and beyond and paid off! As soon as we got into a contract with Ricky, he took the lead by scheduling everything in a timely manner, keeping us in the loop, making great suggestions based on his professional experience(that truly made a difference), and repeatedly checked on the house and progress of vendors coming and going. His suggestions on staging also paid off!! It was a very reasonable price and really showed the character of our home and how the space could be used.

I am so very happy to say that after 1 day on MLS, we were tagged as a “HOT HOME” (I believe that is because of his marketing) and in 10 days, just after the 2 day open house(~150 people went through), we received 14 offers with 95% of them over asking! We were so thrilled with the final price of our home…way over asking! Oh, did I mentioned the global pandemic hit midway through escrow? Ricky calmly and effectively handled that while keeping our stress level down! I will tell you that this process of selling our home that was so cherished and had been in our family for 29 years was one of the best experiences and will be remembered for ever. We are sincerely hoping Ricky will take on the selling of our current home in 3 years…I can’t imagine asking anyone else!!

Ricky, thank you for taking ownership of the whole process with keeping your promise that everything you did was for us…. your client!!! …..and hopefully now your friends!”


Our flat $14,999 listing fee saved our seller $18,501 vs. customary 2.5% listing commission.