We're not your parents' real estate agency.

In most industries ‘tailor made’ costs more. With Vesta, it’s the opposite--we offer the best service and personalized support without the exorbitant fees.

Company Vision

Vesta Residential's aim is to seamlessly transition you into a new stage in your life. To do so, we rebuilt our framework from the ground up into one that allows for the flexibility and support necessary to help you reach your goals. We strive for excellence and accomplish this by always having the best intentions. This guides our approach to steering goodness.

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.

Rickey's Vision

Vesta’s founder, Rickey, started his real estate career as a mortgage officer during the latter part of the dot-com bubble. After some years he moved on to train as a real estate agent under a small South Bay Area brokerage, gaining experience in bank foreclosures and short sales. During this period, Rickey, along with one other seasoned agent and the broker, closed a total of approximately 150 deals annually. In comparison, the average agent closed 0-1 during the same years.

Rickey continued forward and gained valuable experience under the prestigious agency The Sereno Group, based in Los Gatos. Throughout his time working for different brokers and with many agents, he noticed things that he both liked and disliked about the industry and thus his goal to become a broker was born. After much hard work, Rickey earned his broker’s license in 2014.The concept of Vesta came after Rickey did some deep soul searching and took a long look at all of his past achievements. He realized that the only way to offer clients what he felt they deserved was to break away from the traditional mold of the real estate industry and to create a fresh, new kind of brokerage. Along with his wife and some close advisors, Rickey launched Vesta in 2015.

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